Mixed Company Theatre is honoured to be partnering with OAITH in support of the Aging Without Violence project and working together to end violence against older women in Ontario.

In early 2019, we conducted a successful arts-based story-gathering workshop with a community of seniors including women who have experienced violence. Based on the stories gathered and issues raised throughout the community workshop, Associate Playwright Roselyn Kelada-Sedra has begun developing a Forum Theatre Script which will be further defined in collaboration with OAITH staff, who will help ensure the script accurately depicts systemic resources, processes, and potential gaps.

Stay tuned! Mixed Company will soon move forward with hiring actors and artistic associates in preparation for touring the final Forum Theatre production to three service- providing organizations for older women in Ontario in Spring 2020.

Photo credit: Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses

The Aging Without Violence Project
The Aging Without Violence (AWV) project is guided by an inter-sector provincial advisory including stakeholders with expertise in violence against older women, public education, service provider training, research, and improved community responses.

Goals of the AWV project include:

  • Showcasing existing responses, programs and research in the area of older women who’ve experienced violence
  • Providing opportunities to connect across the VAW, health, residential care, housing sectors
  • Identifying gaps in service delivery, resources, systems and research to inform specific service provider training

Overall, the project will promote a holistic approach and an integrated response in the development of service provider training to address violence against older women in Ontario, in addition to the following principles:

  • Inclusion
  • Choice and & Self Determination
  • Diversity
  • Safety and Security 

The overall aim of the project is to enhance responses and advocacy efforts when supporting older women impacted by violence, in alignment with Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors. 

The Aging Without Violence project is funded by the Government of Ontario.