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A UNESCO-recognized educational tool for implementing social change, FORUM THEATRE is a community-focused, facilitated style of theatre designed to address social issues and inspire action for change. Forum Theatre gives communities the agency to develop their own grassroots solutions and the ability to envision the positive outcomes of creating social change. The techniques of Forum Theatre creation are transferable to a wide range of community engagement and educational initiatives. Workshop participants will receive the skills to become better facilitators, artists, community leaders, and more socially-aware educators.

We are so glad to be receiving multiple requests for workshops throughout the year. And in response, we are now holding workshops every 3-4 months!

Check out our workshop descriptions below to see what’s coming up!

Upcoming Workshops:


Rainbow of Desire Workshop

What happens when you take apart a single moment of conflict to explore every possible desired action?

In this experiential workshop led by Simon Malbogat, participants will activate Augusto Boal’s applied theatre techniques, such as image theatre and improvisation, to play out the multiple and competing desires of an individual or character as they navigate a moment of conflict.

This workshop, which is ideal for educators, actors, directors, counsellors, social workers, and community leaders, employs Boal’s Rainbow of Desire technique to broaden perspectives and reframe situations by focusing on the inner thoughts and impulses of the individual. Through storytelling and performance, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their conflicting and co-existing desires, which will enrich their work onstage and in community settings.

Prerequisites: This workshop is recommended for participants with previous experience in the arts / community engagement or who have attended any of our other Forum Theatre training workshops.

Time and Date: Saturday March 9, 2019; 10 AM to 5 PM 

Duration: 1 day

Cost: The price of this workshop is $140+HST or $112+HST for CAEA members.
While this cost is already kept low with the help of our funders, students and arts workers who identify as underwaged are eligible for a further subsidized price of $70+HST.*

Location:  The Ladies Parlour, Main Floor, 157 Carlton Street (Corner of Sherbourne and Carlton), Toronto ON M5A 2K3



Masks of Manipulation Workshop

The “Masks of Manipulation”, an invaluable character development and conflict-resolution process designed by Simon Malbogat, gives face to each of the seven different emotional, mental, and spiritual manipulative forces we encounter both onstage and in daily life.

This workshop draws on Commedia dell’Arte-inspired masks to help participants acquire a deeper awareness of manipulation and oppression: how and why it happens, what it looks and feels like, and how to de-escalate it.

Participants will also take away from this two-day workshop a Mask of their own creation, which they will learn to use as a physical touchstone in processes ranging from character development to community mediation. This workshop, co-facilitated by Simon Malbogat and Peter Jarvis, is suitable for artists, educators, and community activators alike.

Prerequisites: This workshop is recommended for participants who have previous experience in the arts/community engagement, or who have attended our Introduction to Forum Theatre workshop.
Time and Date: 
Saturday March 16th, 2019 and Saturday March 23rd, 2019; 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM both days
Duration: 2 days
Cost: The price of this two-day workshop is $225+HST or $180+HST for CAEA members. While this cost is already kept low with the help of our funders, students and arts workers who identify as underwaged are eligible for a further subsidized price of $112+HST.*

Location:  The Ladies Parlour, Main Floor, 157 Carlton Street (Corner of Sherbourne and Carlton), Toronto ON M5A 2K3



Forum Theatre Performance and Creation Workshop

MCT Forum Theatre Training

In this all-levels workshop, we will explore how Forum Theatre techniques of participation, intervention, and improvisation can help performers and theatre creators build tool kits for character development, devised creation, and audience engagement. This workshop is a great opportunity for artists who are looking to hone their performance and theatre creation skills, or want to create social justice theatre and/or community art projects.

Forum Theatre is also a great tool for educators, mental health professionals, and any and all practitioners of community engagement for facilitating conversations, critical inquiry, and action in their respective communities. Based on the principles of Theatre of the Oppressed, our intensive 2-day workshop will give participants an introduction to the artistic practice of Forum Theatre and how it can be used to inspire and empower community dialogue and grassroots advocacy.

Prerequisites: None
Time and Date: Friday July 19, 2019 and Saturday July 20, 2019; 10 AM to 5 PM both days
 2 days
Cost: The price of this two-day workshop is $225+HST or $180+HST for CAEA members.

Location:The Ladies Parlour, Main Floor, 157 Carlton Street (Corner of Sherbourne and Carlton), Toronto ON M5A 2K3




*In the spirit of removing financial barriers to access, Mixed Company Theatre is able to offer a limited number of bursaries to those who require financial assistance in order to attend the workshop. Please indicate your need for a bursary through the registration form for the workshop you wish to attend.

If you have questions about fees, please write to info@mixedcompanytheatre.com for details.



The Ladies Parlour, 157 Carlton Street, (corner of Sherbourne and Carlton), Toronto ON M5A 2K3


  • Please make all cheques payable to “Mixed Company Theatre.” Cheques can be mailed to 206-157 Carlton Street, Toronto ON M5A 2K3.
  • For payments through Interac e-transfer, please email us at info@mixedcompanytheatre.com.
  • Cash payments are not permitted.
  • Payment must be made on or before the start date of your workshop.

About Forum Theatre Instructor Simon Malbogat

Simon Malbogat is an award-winning theatre director, performer, and teacher with over 25 years of experience in Forum Theatre facilitation. Simon studied with the greatest contemporary popular theatre practitioners (Augusto Boal, Jerzy Grotowski, Eugenio Barba, Yoshi Oida) and has directed and acted in over 50 new Canadian works. Throughout his career, Simon has been focused on bringing theatre to youth, resulting in over 40 Forum Theatre plays for young people and has worked with many community organizations such as the Community Initiative Project, Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club, the East End Community Health Centre, the Sears Drama Festival for Youth, the Social Planning Council of Peel and the Toronto West End Community. He has also taught at The University of Toronto, York University, Humber College, Queen’s and Brock University.

About Masks of Manipulaton Instructor Peter Jarvis

Peter Jarvis has been an entertainer & performance artist since 1979. Facilitating artistic mime, dance, clown, mask and music have allowed Peter to work extensively in film, theatre and television on such shows as Sesame St and Cirque du Soleil. Peter Jarvis continues to enjoy performing internationally in the USA, England, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Poland, and Turkey. The Masks of Manipulation shown in the above photo are but one example of Peter’s talent as a professional designer and creator of masks.

About Playwriting Instructor Luc Iogna

Luciano Iogna has worked in theatre for over forty years across Canada and internationally on four continents in a dozen different languages with more than a hundred theatres, communities and educational institutions as an actor, writer, director and instructor. Luc works extensively using Forum Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed techniques on issues such as AIDS to workplace safety and violence; with diverse cultural communities, trade unions, women’s organizations, professional associations, etc.

Two of his Forum Theatre plays produced by Mixed Company Theatre (SHOWDOWN and HOW CAN YOU TELL?) were nominated for Dora Awards.

About Mixed Company Theatre

Mixed Company Theatre has been producing innovative, socially-relevant theatre as a tool for positive change since 1983. Today Mixed Company Theatre is known for their commitment to inspiring communities and schools across Canada to create social change through theatrical practice. Our most recent activations include the InterGEN Project, a three-year initiative to connect seniors and youth from culturally diverse communities across the GTA through a series of creative workshops led by professional artists. These tales of family, migration, and cultural displacement was developed into two full-scale theatrical productions by renowned Toronto artists, Shelf Life and Spring Moon, which was covered by CBC News and OMNI Television.

Questions? Call us at (416) 515-8080 or email info@mixedcompanytheatre.com.