Develop your understanding of and appreciation for Forum Theatre–a UNESCO recognized tool for positive social change. Mixed Company Theatre’s Professional Development Workshops create a space for solving problems and practicing solutions. Learn how to take effective action, exploring choices and consequences by critically examining responses to real-life situations.

The 2016 dates for our Forum Theatre Training workshops have been announced! 

About the workshops: Becoming Awake, Aware & Alert

Forum Theatre is an issue based play that utilizes interactive techniques to identify the conflict of a specific community and find other options, alternatives, and possible solutions. Spectators are catalyzed to replace one of the characters on stage, becoming “Spect-Actors,” and changing the outcome of the scene. By witnessing different people play the same role, an individual is thrown into a creative world of multiple possibilities, perspectives, and positive outcomes. Mixed Company Theatre’s Professional Development Workshops allow you to learn to use Forum Theatre as a unique and interactive tool for social change within your organization and/or your own life.


“An essential workshops for those wishing to improve as facilitator in social field.” Lambert P. Student in La Sorbonne University

“I loved learning about Forum Theater and Mixed Company Theater is obviously doing great work. These workshops are so integral to my learning and development as a creative facilitator and performer. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to explore these concepts! They were all new to me. I also greatly appreciate receiving a subsidized rate. If the workshop was not discounted for me, I would not have been able to participate.” Emma D., “GIRLS ONLY” Program Coordinator, Youth Assisting Youth – The Peer Project


Introduction to Forum Theatre

July 8, 2016

What you’ll learn Learn to build trust through games and interactive techniques, including storytelling, theatre exercises, and building images. Clarify and strengthen your facilitation skills through development of the fundamentals of creating and activating Forum Theatre scenes. Explore the multiple perspectives these techniques provide when used as tools for positive problem solving.
Who should attend Everyone & Anyone!
Fee $125+HST
Duration Full Day
Class Size 25
Pre-Requisites None
Materials Provided N/A
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Masks of Manipulation

July 11 & 12, 2016

What you’ll learn Invaluable tools for character development and the conflict-resolution process. Developed by Artistic Director, Simon Malbogat, these Commedia dell’Arte-style masks help define our recognition of different external manipulative energies. Each mask presents the face of a universally-recognized emotional response to a series of manipulative energies. The participants in this workshop learn to develop an acute understanding of manipulation: how and why it happens, and what to do about it.
Who should attend Actors, Educators & Community Leaders
Fee $300+HST
Duration 2 Full Days
Class Size 15-20
Pre-Requisites INTRODUCTION TO FORUM THEATRE or equivalent experience.
Materials Provided Supplemental map of the Masks of Manipulation
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Facilitator/Joker* Workshop

July 13-15, 2016

What you’ll learn Participants will become awake, aware, and alert to our own negative patterns, which in turn allows us to be a more effective and neutral facilitator. MCT creates a safe, unique and supportive environment which helps to develop and refine your ability to find your authentic voice and express yourself. After taking this workshop, participants will be well acquainted with the process of developing Forum Theatre scenarios. As a Joker, you will be able to identify the key questions to catalyze your spect-actors to want to change the outcome of the play or scenes. All participants involved will receive a detailed supplemental reference handbook of Forum Theatre games and facilitation techniques.
Who should attend Actors, Educators & Community Leaders
Fee $400+HST
Duration 3 Full Days
Class Size/Facilitator 10-12
Materials Provided 34-Page Joker Handbook
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* ‘JOKER’ is the term used to identify a facilitator responsible for the Forum Theatre process. A ‘JOKER’ leads presentation participants as the Forum play evolves, becoming the liaison between spectators and the characters on stage.

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Playwriting for Forum Theatre

Check back soon to find out the next time we’re offering this workshop!

What you’ll learn Developed by Associate Artist and award winning playwright, Luciano Iogna, this workshop will explore the entire process of developing Forum Theatre, from first contact with a community, using theatre games and techniques as research tools, and selecting characters and story lines, to distilling this information into a final Forum Theatre play or scenario.
Who should attend Writers, Educators & Community Leaders
Fee $150+HST
Duration Full Day
Class Size 20
Pre-Requisites None
Materials Provided N/A
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