Toronto’s Forum Theatre Experts.

Forum Theatre is part of the current Drama curriculum for Ontario schools, but Mixed Company’s interactive productions support Ontario curriculum requirements in other areas as well, including Language Arts, Health and Physical Education, and Social and Family Studies.

As Ontario’s only touring Forum Theatre company, we bring an innovative approach to examining difficult issues, including family relations, peer pressure, sexual health, racism, homelessness, drugs, alcohol and violence. We consult with educators and the Ontario curriculum in developing each of our shows, which means that you can rest easy knowing that your Mixed Company production has been thoughtfully tailored to the needs and developmental level of your learners.

The interactive nature of Forum Theatre involves the audience in developing real-time strategies for dealing with social and personal issues, and engages audience members directly in creating practical solutions they can apply to similar situations in their own lives.

By using theatre as an educational tool, Mixed Company stimulates critical thinking and engages students in active problem solving. Our teaching guides are designed to help educators integrate our productions into their own learning plans, and continue the active discussions long after we’ve left the building.