Mixed Company Theatre‘s production of Luciano Iogna’s The Golden Cage is a rarely-seen in-depth examination of being a senior citizen in a society that perpetuates youth and perpetually denies the fact that people age. It is a play about the problems – and glories! – of getting old in a world that is defined by and for youth. Issues of intergenerational conflicts and, potentially, abuse are presented within family and community settings in a manner that both enlighten and entertain. And with Mixed Company Theatre‘s unique style of Forum Theatre, The Golden Cage puts the spectator right in the middle of the action – to become a spect-actor within the play – as a way to discuss and analyze the issues towards trying to find realistic alternatives to the problems that aging will bring to every single one of us.


Mixed Company Theatre collaborated with Timiskaming Elder Abuse Task Force (TEATF) in 2017 to tour Shelf Life, our first elder care show, in Timiskaming, Ontario.


Interested in bringing The Golden Cage to senior groups that you know? Catch a complimentary viewing of The Golden Cage in Toronto late October this year. Details to be announced soon!