Mixed Company’s Artistic Director, Simon Malbogat, who has worked intensively with Forum Theatre since 25 years, was also schooled in the Métis Deer Tribe teachings. Simon engaged in their work for a month in Arizona, after which he drew from his learnings to go on to develop the Masks of Manipulation. These masks help define our recognition of different external manipulative energies in the context of various human relationships and are donned by all of us in different proportion in the different relationships and phases of our life.

Using these masks as an invaluable tool for character development and conflict-resolution, as well as the basis for understanding and analysis of manipulations and power in human relationships, Mixed Company Theatre has transformed the Masks of Manipulation into a unique approach towards creating Forum Theatre productions.


The Masks of Manipulation are aspects of our personality that we consider “negative” and they become dark mirrors, closed symbols that we put behind locked doors. There are seven such types of such energies including, Sly/Cunning/Devious, Sad/Melancholia/Guilt provoking and Persecuting/Tormenting.

Learn More at our Workshops

Every year, Mixed Company Theatre looks to share its learning and strategy with those who are passionate about working with communities. In our annual Masks of Manipulation workshop for artists, educators and social workers, the participants learn to develop an acute understanding of manipulation: how and why it happens and what to do about it. Mixed Company Theatre also shares how these masks can be used in one’s work as a facilitator, artist or social worker.

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