On Aug 5th 2017, Mixed Company Theatre presented Photographic Evidence at the event Walk the 6 West: History on the Humber, an Ontario 150 event organized by Heritage York at the beautiful Étienne Brûlé Park.
Photographic Evidence is a short one-woman play about Geraldine Moodie, Canada’s first professional women photographer best known for her images chronicling the lives of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada’s North West and Arctic regions. After a short stay in England, Geraldine returns home to Canada when her British husband receives a position with the North West Mounted Police. On this day-in-her-life, we see Geraldine coming to a decision on the state of her suffocating marriage and voicing the frustrations of being a female artist in the 19th century. The show will also incorporate a selection of her photographs and vividly depict a young Canada on the frontier of change.