On Aug 5th 2017, Mixed Company Theatre presented Photographic Evidence at the event Walk the 6 West: History on the Humber, an Ontario 150 event organized by Heritage York at the beautiful Étienne Brûlé Park.
And we’re all set to bring this beautiful play about Canada’s first professional woman photographer – to the Hamilton Fringe 2018 this July!
Photographic Evidence is a play about Geraldine Moodie, Canada’s first professional woman photographer best known for her images chronicling the lives of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada’s North West and Arctic regions. After a short stay in England, Geraldine returns home to Canada when her British husband receives a position with the North West Mounted Police. On this day-in-her-life, we see Geraldine coming to a decision on the state of her suffocating marriage and voicing the frustrations of being a female artist in the 19th century. The show will also incorporate a selection of her photographs and vividly depict a young Canada on the frontier of change.