By Luciano Iogna

Mixed Messages follows the story of Teesha, a young woman determined to balance academics and a new social life in her first
year at college. Teesha struggles with social pressures and the influence of her peers until one evening, impaired judgment and miscommunication results in unwanted circumstances.

Mixed Messages uses Forum Theatre to address issues related to consent, drug use, alcohol and sexual assault, and asks students to discuss: “What could have been said or done differently so that things didn’t end this way for Teesha and others?”

Mixed Messages asks students to consider what events and decisions can lead to sexual assault by:

  • Challenging perceptions about sexual consent and coercion, particularly when drugs and alcohol are involved.
  • Exploring the feelings of blame and responsibility a survivor of sexual assault feels and internalizes, which often leads to a sense of helplessness, responsibility and depression.
  • Helping students understanding the complexity of consent and encourages them to develop preventative strategies and solutions based on a deeper understanding of the circumstances that lead to sexual assault.

88% of students enjoyed the presentation.
86% would recommend this presentation to other students.


This show about consent tours universities and colleges during Frosh Week 2018!


Where? GTA and surrounding areas
When? Orientation Week – Aug/Sept 2018
Who? Colleges & Universities
Max. Audience Size: 300
Price: $1,750 + HST per show OR $3,200 + HST for 2 shows in one day

Book now! Write to us at

“Being a student leader in residence, I’ve seen Mixed Messages, I’ve seen this program multiple times. I still find it effective and a necessary event for first year students new to the city to participate. I find a lot of students don’t expect these realistic situations occur in residence/general life, so it’s great to open their eyes.”
—Student Leader