Voices of Toronto Seniors Poster

TOUR – MARCH 11th – 22nd 2013

The production will be performed in various senior homes and community centres around the city and a public performance at MCT’s Toronto space. MCT has outreached to various organizations supporting seniors and these key stakeholders will sit on a panel of experts during the presentations to answer any questions that arise during the show.

Save the date! MCT Public Performance March 22nd 2013

Mixed Company Theatre presents ‘Voices of Toronto Seniors’!

Through shared stories and the retelling of key memories we have captured the voices of Toronto Seniors. MCT will weave together a theatrical production in collaboration with Volunteer Senior Actors!

To book your tickets, click here: voicesoftorontoseniors.eventbrite.ca

Show time: 7:00pm

Ticket cost: FREE

Location: Mixed Company Theatre

157 Carlton St

Toronto, ON

M5A 2K3